Temperate Orchard Conservancy (TOC) was established in March 2012 to preserve and share the genetic diversity of tree fruits that are grown in the temperate climate zones of the world.

TOC has nearly completed cloning the largest private collection of heirloom apple trees in the United States, the Botner Collection. The trees, some 4,500 distinct apple varieties, are being established at their permanent home, Almaty Farm in Molalla, Oregon. By the end of April 2015, TOC had grafted approximately 3,500 of the Botner apples varieties; about 2,700 are planted in nursery rows in the Baby Tree Nursery, and another 800 newly-grafted trees are in pots under shade cloth and will be planted next spring. Some of these babies have been lost to anthracnose or other diseases while awaiting transplantation. The remaining varieties will be grafted in the spring of 2016. In addition to the Botner apples, we have added other heirlooms from generous collectors across the country.

Akane apples